Weddings Are a Lot. We Get That.

Let us break down and explain as much as we can to help.


Schedules can be very different depending on ceremony time, wedding party / family size, first look or not, or location changes. Although the actual times may change, we generally like to arrive about an hour before the bride puts her dress on to get some photos/videos of the wedding party before the day really “begins”. From there the 8-10 hours are packages offer normally take us through around half or all of the reception.


A wedding isn’t complete without an amazing photo album to look through for years to come. We offer both online and hard copy albums that also you to look back AND share these photos in the easiest way possible. For photography packages, you’ll have two photographers with you for the majority of the day helping out in more ways than just taking photos. From providing schedules to the wedding party, helping you pose, to scouting the best first look locations, we’ll help with as much as we can so that you can just concentrate on enjoying your big day.


Our recap videos provide you with way to relive your wedding day and all the feelings that come with it. Photos are always great, but being able to see your husband react to seeing you in your dress for the first time, or the smiles on your faces during your first dance as a married couple is truly great. I tear up while editing videos of people I just met all the time! From getting ready with your closest friends, to screaming your favorite songs on the dance floor, our videos provide a 10-15 minute movie you’ll never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the f*** is it so expensive?

Although you only see us working during the event, editing takes a lot of time! The large majority of the work we do is after your wedding to ensure we are giving you the absolute best finished product we can!

Because this is a company, do I know who is going to actually shoot my wedding?

Yes! Hi, Im Jacob. Im the owner/photographer/videographer and I will always be there. With packages that involve more than one person, I currently use 2 assistant photographers and 2 assistant videographers that are the absolute best. I am also in charge of any editing for both photo and video, so all of our work will always be a similar look!

Can I book just videography or photography separately?

Yes! It’s completely normal to book these services separately. I’ve worked videography with different photographers at countless weddings and always love the opportunity to work with new people.

Can we customize a package?

Of course! None of our packages are set in stone and we are completely open to making the perfect plan for you. Contacts us and we can discuss!

When do you normally start?

I like to start about an hour before the bride puts her dress on. This gives some time to get some photos and videos of the wedding party before they all get ready before the day really “begins”. However this is entirely up to you! Depending on the number of hours and your preference we can start whenever works best.

Dress Code?

We normally keep it pretty simple with the all black production team look. Black dress shirts, black pants, black dresses. If you have any special dress code requests for black tie events, or maybe a halloween wedding (would be awesome) let us know and we’ll make it work!

How long is the wait for my photos or video after my wedding?

This varies depending on season. In the fall, the normal wait time is between 1-2 months. During any other time of the year, normally around 1-3 weeks.